Indigenous Resources

Indigenous Resources

The Indigenous Resource Department provides cultural insight, support and teachings to UP’s clients and staff in all programs and departments. We are committed to a life long journey of nurturing cultural competency throughout the agency and community.

Our Indigenous Resources are designed to provide a Traditional Indigenous Healing approach in working with children and families. We recognize the need for children, individuals and families to be connected to their culture and maintain ties to their family, ancestors and community.

We believe service effectiveness is enhanced by adapting treatment or wellness approaches, supports and education to the child’s personal characteristics and heritage. In an Indigenous context, healing begins with our spirit which forms the foundation on which all other aspects of health are balanced. We strive to highlight an interconnectedness to all living things. According to Indigenous Worldviews – the stronger these connections are, the healthier the person and family/community will be.

Traditionally, Indigenous learning styles go beyond the standard western curriculum. Incorporating traditional healing practices and cultural values into otherwise western programs promotes our traditional ways of knowing, doing and being. By engaging children in their culture, we will promote, support, revitalize, preserve and strengthen cultural identity. A positive cultural identity can provide an individual with a sense of belonging, purpose, social support and self-worth.

We honor and integrate the use of traditional healing practices throughout the agency and in all agency programs/facilities. We strive to provide more comprehensive understandings, experientially-based, crucial, intricate teachings and engage the child towards his/her culture in a meaningful and respectful way. We strive to be creative, strategic, empowering and transformative and include the four elements; Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Mental; our Medicine Wheel Teachings along with our Seven Sacred Grandfather Teachings.

UPCS is committed in helping Indigenous peoples as individuals and as a family unit heal from past imbalances, gain pride in their cultural identity and develop skills to fulfill their goals.

Collaboratively, we encourage advancement in diverse social justice movements through advocacy, communication and program development.

The UPward Way of Knowing, Doing and Being

Indigenous Resources/Teachings

  • 8 Hour “Traditional Indigenous Resolutions Teachings” on a bi-monthly basis to all Staff and our Family Base Care program
  • 2 Day “Circle Up Teachings”– Sacred Family Healing Circles/Restorative Circles/Family Group Conferencing
  • Weekly Cultural Teachings through our AMOSIS (Little Bee) EXPRESS via email to all staff and our family care unit
  • Regularly scheduled Sweat Lodge Ceremonies for agency children, youth, families and staff and collaborative service delivery partners
  • Specifically designed Cultural Safe spaces in every home and offices
  • Access to Indigenous Cultural Advisors and Indigenous Engagement Specialists for; case consults, Sacred  Family Circles/Family Group Conferencing, Cultural Support, Teachings and Community Collaborations
  • Ongoing Cultural Teachings and Ceremonies provided to all our homes
  • Year around sweat lodge ceremonies held at UP’s sacred gathering grounds which is called Kakisimo Lodge
  • Land Based and Experiential Teachings on an ongoing basis relating to our 6 seasons
  • Fun, Conversational Cree on a weekly basis
  • Community Calendar of Cultural Events and Programs
  • Access to Cultural Medicine’s
  • Cultural Room on site at Centre 170 which is available to our children, youth, families and staff to utilize
  • Drum, Rattle and Singing Circles (traditional and contemporary)Ongoing Knowledge Keeper and Elder engagement teachings

For more information on Indigenous Resources, please contact:

Nancy Callio, Director of Indigenous Resources
Email (
780-440-0708 ext 273

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